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    At first I thought I was just talking low but all of my callers cant hear me. I will be talking and they said they dont hear a thing. The only time they can hear me is through the headphones. I want to know if this happens to anyone else and can I get any suggestions to fix this problem!!!!!!

    P.S. My volume is all the way turned up and they still cant hear.
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    No problems HEAR. lol ppl hear me just fine. I dont have and have not used a head set.
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    Just plug the head phones back in and out a few times. Happened to me , did that the issue went away.
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    i figured it out... i had my screen protector on wrong and the microphone was covered (the little dot by the center button on the screen).....
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    Doh! / Hey you figured it out at least.
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    yeah haha i felt stupid the screen protector was covering my mic.. the little dot.. lol i didnt have a clue.

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