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    It is obviously a little early but what are the specs you people want to see in the Pre 2?

    Me personally:

    -1ghz Snapdragon Processor

    -OLED screen

    -Dual 3/4g radio

    -expandable storage

    -4 to 5 megapixel Camera

    -Front facing Camera for video conferencing.

    Edit: video *CONFERENCING not processing.
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    - 312 Mhz Intel PXA901

    - 1xRTT

    - 1 Megapixel Camera

    - Side Facing scroll wheel

    - 64 MB Storage

    - a nice 2.6 inch 320x240 screen
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    edit: for me its the:

    Faster Processor
    A liiitle bit bigger screen. Say ~ 3.5
    Slider keyboard, horizontal!!!
    8 MP Camera, Video
    SD Slot
    Solid Hardware
    OLED Screen
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    Intel Core 2 duo 2.2 GHz processer
    9 Cell Battery
    DVD/Blue Ray Burner
    Track Ball
    14" wide screen
    4 GB RAM
    Full US keyboard

    Oh wait, I have that and am typing on it right now. Well, how about the following then:

    OLED display
    Bigger battery
    3.5" screen
    More solid build (maybe with a rubber coating for non slippage)
    TRACK BALL (I love having a track ball and a touch screen like the G1 or Hero)
    Micro SD
    VOICE DIAL (w/ bluetooth support)
    Icons on the whole home screen - not just at the bottom
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    dual core ARM's Cortex-A9 2ghz processor we currently have cortex-a8
    4g radio
    front and back camera; front for conferencing
    8mp autofocus camera
    virtual keyboard
    oled bigger screen 3.3
    32mb internal storage
    sd card expansion
    nvidia gpu
    500mb memory
    1500mah battery
    tv out
    wifi of course
    i prefer vertical keyboard if not then horizontal with tilt
    hardware to the likes of iphone or blackberry
    better speaker
    ability to print
    customizable desktop software to load apps customize phone eg add widgets to homepage but user-friendly
    infra red for realtors
    touch stone for car
    solar panel backplate/cover

    I dont think this is far-fetched. this is just the best all packaged in to one phone to be on top you have to have the best. Software wise that's a whole other list
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    • Sorry, I don't know enough about processors to say which I'd like. The fastest possible at the time of release, how's that?
    • A camera that rotates for taking pics, or conferencing.
    • A camera that has mechanicl zoom.
    • Removable storage (though to be fair, I have to say I've never maxed out the interna storage of any Palm device, and I've had a bunch)
    • Better battery
    • Redesigned case. I think I prefer a non-sliding keboard, but... how about a new design that still looks like the Pre. Have a sliding gesture area that covers a fixed keyboard. When it's closed, it looks like a Pre. When it's opened, the gestures are done below the keyboard instead of above... Don't know if it's doable, but I like the idea...
    • A video out
    • Improved BT (that will use a keyboard)
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    1. Better battery
    2. Track ball
    3. 16 gb or more storage
    4. 3 megapixal or better cam with 3x or better zoom
    5. Video cam app
    6. Slide out keyboard
    7. Microsd card slot
    8. Wimax....

    but it would have to cost $150 or less.....

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!

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