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    Ok. So whenever I plug in the USB for the Pre to PC connection novacomd.exe hogs all of my system resources (process usage jumps to 99%)
    I kill it with the task manager and all is fine.....

    I cannot use MyTether in USB mode when I kill novacomd.exe.

    My pc is a 32 bit XP Pro.
    My Pre WebOS version is 1.2.1 on a fresh Pre (got a brand new one yesterday from the Sprint store after I exchanged it within the 30 days due to stuck pixels)

    Any suggestions? Ive read around that novacom doesnt play along nicely with USBnet.

    I have Palm SDK for the 1.1 and I am DLing right now the 1.2 SDK to see if it fixes any bugs.
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    Fixed.... If any of you guys or gals have any issues with novacom hogging your PC resources just uninstall palm SDK using this method straight from palm.

    Uninstalling the SDK – webOSdev – Palm

    MyTether still works via USB with this method. The problem was novacom was interfering with USBnet from loading correctly. Uninstalled it and ran SDK version 1.2 and all seems good.

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