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    Get divorced?
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    Different wallpaper, simple and easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pre-Occupied View Post
    My wife and I just got 2 Pre's and we need a way to visibly distinguish between the two phones. We both hate screen protectors and cases/covers. Any suggestions?
    Don't know if either (or both) of you keep the "pouch" with you. If so, one of you turn it inside out.

    I keep mine with me, and found it made a LOT of things easier for me. I have a lot of stuff that is black. I'd put my Pre on a computer case, my bedside table shelf, etc, and it would disappear into the black background. Once I turned the pouch inside out, it was better. The orange is easy to find. I usually put it back in the pouch, but sometimes just set them down together. Either way, the orange stands out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    Thats why I have the Seidio screen protector, you can hardly tell its there, but it works damned well. Best $15 I've ever spent on a cell phone.
    thats why i have the phantom skin its crystal clear
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    Quote Originally Posted by donm527 View Post

    You guys can fight it out to determine the lucky wearer

    "you're the ******bag"

    "you, YOU'RE the ******bag"
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    carve initials in them
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    Make her get the Pixi?
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    what makes it even worse is when they're both on the table next to each other and someone gets a text.
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    u two have same quick launch apps too? jeez, get a room :-P
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    If no outer change, then a theme difference could work.
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    Thanks to everyone for your opinions. I liked the "scratch hers" idea but my wife was not laughing. So I decided to get the battery door that is used for the Touchstone and, of course, she never lets go of her phone!
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    Looks like you already solved the problem, but another good idea that doesn't require any purchasing of any kind is scratching off the film from the button in the gesture area.

    One time I went to press the button and accidentally scratched it with my nail, and the film started to peel off. Rather than have the blemished button, I went ahead and scratched all of it off, and the button is now white. I kind of wish it were still the dark-grayish color, but since what you want is to make the two Pres look different this might be a good option.
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    lol, me and both my roommates have Pre's. Makes looking for the charger and wires easy. We all have different themes, and never let go of em. The little cases are a different story however.
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    If you don't want the stickers to be too visible, put one next to the 'Sprint' on the silver backplate when the Pre is open.
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    this may have been mentioned but get preware on your phone and change ur theme... problem solved...
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    I know this might sound obvious, and someone may have already said it.. but why not have different wallpapers? I know you have to pick it up but...
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    Color her pre with nail polish
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    white out one... Hahaha i tell people that all the time here in my kiosk when people get the same phones and say how will we tell them i have white out... or i say i have spray paint in back. they find it quite humorus
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnflo88 View Post

    Don't blame you,the screen protectors are so terrible especially invisible-shield and the likes.They are not smooth, look like orange peel and feels like a orange too! instead of smooth stone like it meant to be.I regretted putting it on and i am taking it out soon!

    I agree, most screen protectors s#ck. The one I got from Phantomskinz actually works pretty good. No visual distortion at all and not very rubbery..
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