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    I have been a palm user for about 6 years, not an original user but had a Zire71, and I am not used to multitasking. Seems like whenever i see a card I close it to make the home screen seem not so clustered. But then I am always opening up the same programs. I think I do this to save battery, But does it? Anyone else out there do the same thing with the closing o the cards or am I just being weird and not fully using my palm pres multitasking options?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jzamora1978 View Post
    am I just being weird and not fully using my palm pres multitasking options?
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    I close them, but this is just personal style. I don't leave anything open on my PC unless actively using it either.
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    I close mine mostly for battery as well, though I"m not sure if it helps.
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    i too close them, i dont see the need to leave any open, load times are fine.
    i hate that new mac users mentality of just minimize everything and leave it open. I hate nothing more than going to a users mac to fix something they ****ed up and having to sift through 50 windows of useless junk to get where i need.
    I also only keep things in my inbox that i still need to work on so to me if it's clean, i am caught up, same mentality on my phone, pc etc..

    i guess i see it as a messy room, pick up after your damn selves !!! lol
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    I always closed my cards too. I read in 1 of the forums here that some of the ppl leave cards open if use that item often instead of having to open app again. I get lots of texts so I just started keeping the card for the chat open. I also tap on screen to make that card even smaller. I have not noticed a differnce in battery but I also have the amzer 2800 battery
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    Quote Originally Posted by hnharrison24 View Post
    I close them, but this is just personal style. I don't leave anything open on my PC unless actively using it either.
    Same here. I like a clean workspace, and it's always carried over to my PDA.
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    Me too.. just an old habit I guess...
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    i keep just my email open.
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    I close'm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Change View Post
    Same here. I like a clean workspace, and it's always carried over to my PDA.
    Same for me.
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    the same as everyone else.

    i multitask when i have a need to
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    I close them too. Just don't like the look of them hanging around, I feel like I am in the middle of something. Even when I used my 800w with WinMo (you know, that other OS that has done multi-tasking forever :P ) I didn't like to leave a bunch of apps running in the background, even if I could not see them.
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    I have multiple cards open only when I actively multitask. I don't see any reason to keep my PDF or Word Viewer cards open after I'm done reading them - I know I can do it, but it does not mean I have to do it...
    Quite interestingly, I probably multitask most frequently when I play some game and don't want to lose score while I have to read a message or answer call.
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    You're welcome to keep cards open, but since several web pages (e.g. and some apps (e.g. BWeather) have memory leaks, you will get a message about too many cards before long.

    The Pre is great for multitasking in the short and medium term, but just leaving cards up without a
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    I might be an outlier here, but while on a desktop or laptop I often have probably more windows open than I should, on WebOS, I keep things open only while I know I'll need to go back to some task/program. Originally I did this because I noticed that WebOS 1.0/1.1 memory management were not as good as I had hoped they would be. Since WebOS 1.2, I've not noticed the problems (mostly lags), that originally led me to explore the memory maagement, seem to be gone. I don't worry about closing every last card and I usually have 1 to 3 or 4 open most of the time now.
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    I keep mine open at times. When I am looking at two websites. Or when I check my email n texting and playing a game.
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    Email and agenda are always open. I refer to these programs quite often during the day that I would find it way too inconvenient to have to open the program and wait a few seconds while it loads each and every time.
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    Nothing open most of the time. Especially after installing the Original Blue Theme with my own wallpaper, I love to open it up and just see it clean and great looking like it is. In fact the other patches I have installed have made flipping through things (4x4 launcher pages) even better to me.

    I will have multiple cards open for extended periods at times though. Out working doing home inspections, I will have Evernote open which has notes with little pictures of county parcel maps in them to find homes much easier then it ever was before my Pre, then email will be open at the same time, maybe phone or SMS. It is VERY useful in the middle of working on things, and helping to prepare for certain work tasks, so then it is a must for me now. On the soccer fields I will have multiple .pdfs open usually to help coaches/parents.
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    I close them. Just seems like what you do. They only stay open if I am multitasking.
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