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    It really depends on what I'm doing and where I am. If I feel that I may look to that card again very soon then I will usually leave it open. Sometimes you can check my pre and I may have up to 5 or 6 cards open, other times there are none.
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    I often have the Messaging, Tweed, and Email open and just leave those open since I use them fairly frequently. And sometimes I'll leave Photo Dialer up too. But unless I'm streaming Pandora or something I usually close things I won't likely be using again.
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    usually close them all... accept you have to keep txt manager open, and Quick System Tasks stays open but both of these go to the bottom with little icons like sms and email does...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wodin View Post
    Otherwise I close everything. I do that for two reasons; to prevent any memory leaks
    Actually, keeping them open would, technically, prevent memory leaks.

    Remember, memory doesn't leak until the application is closed and it wasn't properly cleaned up. So if you leave it up, you're technically eliminating the possibility of memory leaks .

    If you keep opening and closing an application that has a memory leak, then it'll compound and get worse and worse.
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