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    This kind of relates here and I didn't post it above. I installed the BatteryMonitor homebrew app the other day. For this app to tell you what you want it to tell you it must be left open. I went all day with it open and I must admit it kind of bugged me a little. I had to remind myself not to close it, all day. It was somewhat difficult to adapt to.
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    I suggest keeping cards up as reminders. For example, I don't close the tasks app until all tasks for the day are done. I keep a text convo up until I reply or until the conversation is done. Keep an email open if you still need to reply. I also use the camera app as a quick reminder for things because when it's minimized, it shows a (foggy) image of the last picture taken. In summary, I like using cards as reminders of what's going on.
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    I usually keep a few open: e-mail, messaging, and quick contacts. I can do pretty much everything I need to do regularly from those 3 quickly and easily. I tend to close out the web when I'm not actively using it, especially because I've experienced some memory leak issues with web running too long and it seems to drain the battery pretty quickly.
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    +1 (a closer)
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    Usually close everything right away.
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    Yeah I don't like to keep windows open that I'm not using. If I figure I won't be using anything within the next 5 mins or so, I close it.
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    I multitask with tons of windows open, and completly close all of them when not using them.
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    I close them quite a bit.

    I've found that, if my usage is the same but I leave 2-3 (or more) applications open and in the background, even if I don't use them my battery drains almost twice as fast.

    Anyone else notice this?
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    I keep everything closed except Quick Contacts. I leave it open to facilitate one hand dialing.

    Otherwise I close everything. I do that for two reasons; to prevent any memory leaks, and some programs remain active in the background, e.g. websites that are continuously updating, thus using the CPU and battery. I don't know which are culprits and which ones behave well, so I just close everything.
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    only if I am listening to music while doing something else, like email or texting. other than that, I always close them out.
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    calendar, twee, facebook web page, ap news, google reader page are always open
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    Only for music or when looking at multiple web pages at the same time.

    The way I am though is that I'll open my email, check a message, then close it and then 5 minutes later I end up opening it again. I am almost willing to bet that opening and closing the email frequently through the day (or any other program) uses more battery life then leaving it open - but only depending on how often you open something.
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    I usually have Tweed, SMS, and Email up when I'm at work because I'm in them all day. Then I usually close those when I go home and open as I need them. In the evening when I finally get the kids to lay down for bed, I open up remix music player, shoutcast, or Dr Podder and listen while I catch up on Google Reader, some gaming, facebook, tweed, various things to unwind. Probably 7 cards in the evening.

    I have the Amzer 2800 as well, so my battery is good. I keep it trickle charged all day at work so I never have a battery problem.
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    I always have brightness unlinked open, but it goes to the notifications bar. You just have to deal with a smaller screen, but it really doesn't matter because i'm getting emails and texts all the time so there is almost always someting down there.
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    I am the same way. I have to have my workspace clean and organized. I guess I'm kinda OCD like that. Even if I have to use the app 2 seconds later. I am just quirky like that. You are not alone my brother.
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    always close them
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    Email, calendar, messaging, and tasks are always open. Sometimes I'll also leave Photo Dialer open. Everything else, including the browser gets closed.
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    I only have multiple apps open if I need to switch between them for some reason. I typically close whatever I'm not going to need in the next 10 minutes.
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    I generally close apps but now i have active home screen which is open all the time and quick system tasks which is open all the time , if you want it to anyways and sometimes I keep the precentral web page open so I can get quick updates lol
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    well not leaving your cards open doesn't meean your not utilizing the multitasking of the pre. For example I close mine all the time to but when I do pick up my phone i lunch my email web and mayble a couple of apps that I want to use but when I 'm done with them I close them all. So I multitask by using them all at once.
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