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    Hi All,
    Anyone else experiencing this? At least 5 times now, sometimes right when I plug in my Pre, and sometimes right when I unplug my Pre, my otherwise stable Vista x64 laptop completely freezes / locks up (can't move mouse or anything). The only thing I can do is power off the laptop and power back on... It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens often. This didn't happen before installing MyTether, Novacom drivers, and the PC drivers to make USB tethering work.
    This has happened when enabling USB tethering, then plugging in. I'm pretty sure it's happened when USB tethering was off as well. It has likely happened when USBNet is enabled. It doesn't crash my main PC, but my main PC doesn't have Novacom or "USB Ethernet Gadget" / "Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device" drivers installed... Any ideas what could be going on and how to prevent this from happening? Thanks,
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    Bump! Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks,
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    I, too have this issue, only when usbnet is enabled. im running windows xp. with or without novacom running, i still have the same issue. Hope someone can help us...

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