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    I was able with my PALM PRO to stream audio from AM 1050 or from my MLB Live subscription. I am yet to solve these with my Palm PRE. Shout Cast does not have the NY Feed and you cannot navigate to non-mobile pages on MLB. I used an alt. browser think it was Safari. I can't find an alt browser for the pre.
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    Have you tried streaming since the 1.21 update. All the old stations that would get stuck now stream. I just checked ESPN 1490 from LI and it's working...
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    Where are you guys streaming from? I'd love to get Cavs games through my Pre...
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    They might have that blocked. The stations we were discussing have the ESPN national feed. I would suggest using one of the shoutcast apps and do a search of the call letters for the station that you want to listen. The yankees stream on WCBS and since MLB WANTS you to subscribe to their audio feed they block the audio if you are not in the local market. I'm sure the NBA does that as well.
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    check out US Radio Stations - The Stream Center USA - Searchable directory of America's streaming local radio stations.. Works great since the 1.2.1 update. I listen to WFAN all the time. As far as MLB I did subscribe to MLB audio for my PRE to Listen to MLB on my Pre.
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    I cannot stream the WMP's anyone else have the same issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by beng.pre View Post
    I cannot stream the WMP's anyone else have the same issue?
    No one can stream WMP's. The pre can't at this time. Palm did not include the codec and currently the SDK does not allow it

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