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    all of my friends are envious of me becuz I hav this phone, and I like it
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    Thanks to all the responded. The poll does not have an expiration, so if you haven't voted, please do so.

    So far it seems pretty clear that the users of feel the Pre is a good phone despite some challenges. Now we all have a thread to point to when someone says that they cannot find good news about the Pre on
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypetey View Post
    If you are happy and you know it clap your hands...

    If you are sad and you know it clap your....?

    You see my predicament

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    Very happy with mine. It's the convergence device that was mere fantasy for me a couple of years ago.
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    Very Happy...All I need now is the app limit fixed and a financial app that links with my Quicken on my desktop and I will be overjoyed!!!
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    I'm not necessarily happy or mad...just not satisfied...
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    This phone just absolutely rocks! Sure there are things that can be improved (and soon will be) but WebOS is the shizzznit!!
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    I love my Pre. WebOS is the mobile OS I've been wanting on a smartphone for years now... simple enough for even the most novice users, but powerful enough for my overly-critical geekiness. It's the most desktop-like mobile experience I've had, and I can't imagine myself wanting to switch to any other platform anytime soon.

    And, I must say, I love Palm's stance on homebrew. I love that they're embracing and encouraging it. The resources here at PreCentral are indispensable, IMO.
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    3rd to last bump...
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    definitely happy.
    There are four lights.
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    Happy at the moment but will be delighted when we (UK) finally get webOS parity.
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    It is a convergence device not mankind's disc/filmography.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukiyaki View Post
    I love my pre! After I installed the patch for the dialpad to vibrate instead of beep I spent 10 minutes just pressing the buttons! (I'm also easily distracted by shiny objects!) I love having my swoosh sound audible without the world having to know I'm dialing a number. Palm Pre rocks! And so do the members of Precentral!!!
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    are you just bumping this thread to the top lol ha ha ... im happy that calender jumps up faster than you can say , rubber baby buggy bumper, ha ha ha ha
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    I feel role reversal coming on shortly. Behold II, Droid, Hero and Moment along with OS 2.0 around the corner should help there.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    My android friends are a little jealous of my Pre. Only a little though, they still love their MyTouch's and G1's. My iPhone friends love that the Pre packed all that it has into such a small package.
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    94% happy so far! not bad!
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    Very Happy!
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    Loving It!
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