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    alright everyone so I migrated from the touch pro and I had built that cable which enables you to have video out now the pro does support this and I am beginning to wonder if we could do the same with the pre.

    think about it how awsome would it be to display your nav or even videos on any composite screen.

    I hope can figure something out maybe through the 3.5 mm jack we could use one of those simple mini jack to composite cable. Now I'm hardware not software so maybe we can all colaberate on this and have a cool little toy to play with this weekend.

    thanks alot everyone and let me know what you thinks

    -posted from my pre
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    Do a search, this has been covered a lot before, and there is a lot of info that might interest you.

    There is no hardware video out, though there are video out pins on the circuit board that you could possibly Frankenstein-connect to (which is what Palm does for demo Pres).

    It should be possible to do screen captures through USB, and automate that for a pseudo-video out. But you'd need to be hooked up to a computer that will drive that process. And it probably won't be real responsive.

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