Is it just me or am I the only one having trouble inserting pictures into a MMS message when saving them from certain websites?

On, they have their picture gallery, and there was this one picture I wanted to share with a friend of mine, so I hold down the orange button, and clicked save photo.

The photo is saved to a Miscellaneous folder in my photo album.

If I go to attach that saved picture to a message, I don't see the thumbnail of the picture display, sometimes it'll be a "?" icon or something else.

I think the culprit here is the way the saved pictures are named.. has a tendency to have these really long named files and I think that's what's confusing the phone. Here's an example of how they name their photos:

74 Its a Pleasure to Finally Meet You.jpg

With spaces and all..

Can somebody else try this for me and see if they have any luck attaching pictures named with long descriptions?

Thanks in advance.