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    im running
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    Sprint, just a pre no plus. Would have a hard time imagining it would be different on a plus but who knows.
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    Wait did Yahoo Messaging stop working on the Pre at some point cause I have been using it for months. Go to the messaging app and from menu (down swipe from top left) / preferences and accounts / Check if your yahoo account is there. If it is just tap it and sign in. Hope this helps.
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    I am on webOS 1.4.2 and there is no option to add a Yahoo IM account and I do have my yahoo email account setup.
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  5. #25 yahoo account is in my chat and I don't have the option to make one..but if I go in to contacts if I hit add new I'm account to a specific contact, it gives me the option of msh yahhoo icq skype.etc....but none of the chats are supported and I ant send any contact a message if I chose one....and none show up on buddy list
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    did a lil research...i can only have one yahoo I deleted the email account...contacts..and calendar....there Is no yahoo nohing in my phone...still can't add any I'm account other then aim or gchat
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    manage to get FB chat on but no yahoo..haha
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    It is rumored that Yahoo! IM is ONLY available as a part of the native messenger on SPRINT Pre's, NOT Verizon.

    Sorry, but if anyone with Verizon can add a Yahoo! IM account on their messaging app in WebOS, please correct me.
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    If you check on the Palm site, the specs for the Pre Plus show yahoo support on Sprint but NOT Verizon. Integrating the yahoo account makes no difference, there is simply no option to do it on Verizon. This has been the case since and still seems to be even after the 1.4.5 update. Maybe 2.0 will add support, hard to say at this point. I have to say, stuff like this is what really holds the Pre back. Even the most basic BlackBerry can support chat on yahoo or msn.

    *update* according to the Palm site which is already touting WebOS 2.0, under messaging and email it mentions Yahoo Messenger is now available as an IM account.
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    hi i would like to know if anyone else keeps getting error 200 on yahoo messenger when they go to sign in, i only have the issue with the messenger part everything else is fine. i havnet installed from preware or homebrew, just using the mobile yahoo version . was working fine until a week or two, now that is all i get . i even wrote yahoo to tell them about it , but they are sweepiing me under the rug said i would hear back in 24 hrs ... 3 days ago! , any information would be greatly appreciated
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