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    Yahoo Increases Reach of New Mobile Homepage Fivefold

    Enhancements for devices like the iPhone, Palm Pre, Android, etc. include:

    Dynamically updated content with pagination – without using additional screen real estate or refreshing, users are able to access a wealth of content. For example, the ‘Today’ module now surfaces ten of the leading stories from around the Web and gives users immediate access to 48 of the top news, business, sports and entertainment articles directly to consumers’ fingertips.

    - An enhanced RSS reader – that now supports photos with captions, and adds the ability to scroll through more headlines from favorite feeds without having to refresh content.

    - Enhanced mobile video integration – with one click consumers can watch streaming video including the Yahoo! produced Tech Ticker - a rundown of the latest financial news, and Prime Time in No Time – a recap of last night’s TV shows, as well as news, entertainment and sports videos from the Associated Press.

    - Enhanced movie results - movie posters now show you exactly what’s playing at a theatre near you, and with a few simple clicks you can watch the trailer, read reviews from Yahoo! and Rotten Tomatoes, and even buy tickets from participating theatres – all directly from your mobile device. The new Yahoo mobile homepage is available across 32 territories. Yahoo says that as a web brand it reaches over 35 million unique users per month in the US and millions more globally.

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    WOW that is MUCH better.

    now yahoo messenger is working quite nicely on the mobile site.
    There are four lights.
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    Woohhh .. this is excellent !

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