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    My Pre (purchased 6/6/09) seems to have a "dead" battery already. It went from normal charge/drain rate (~12-30 hours of battery life depending on usage) over the weekend to completely unable to hold a charge yesterday (maybe 1 to 2 hours from full to dead). It is also taking a very long time to charge (5-6 hours) and the back of the Pre seems to be getting very hot when plugged in (bottom near circuitry not battery itself) .....

    Is this a normal "end-of-life" scenario for the battery? It seems rather sudden to me and it also seems like the battery ought to last longer than 4 months - especially considering I'm not a particularly heavy user.

    I plan to take it to Sprint store today but I don't want them to talk me into buying a new battery if this is a problem with the hardware or battery itself. Any other early adopters seen this issue?
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    You haven't said if you have done anything else.

    - Have you turned off the phone completely and back on to let it charge?
    - Have you taken the battery out and reseated it?
    - Have you turned the phone on and let it run extremely low on charge before recharge?

    Any of the above things in any combination typically solves most battery issues by the 2nd charge. Don't ask me to explain...too much

    If you've done the above then there may actually be a battery issue. And while 4 months is 'fast', it is by no means unreasonable to get a 'dead/dieing' battery show up in that time frame. Heat does bad thing to electronics and sometimes it takes a bit of time to show up. In this case, battery charging is a big heat generator.
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    Thanks for your reply. Yes, yes, and yes in answers to your questions.

    The back of the unit is getting hotter than I've ever felt it while plugged so I'm a bit hesitant to try too many other things before taking it to the store.

    I guess I'm still curious about two things: do Li-Ion batteries really go from "perfectly good" to almost completely dead in a matter of two days without other extenuating circumstances? Shouldn't there be some type of performance degradation curve instead of a step function?

    And have other people who purchased their phones in June had to replace their batteries already?
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    I purchased my pre on launch date. I had installed a lot of programs and played with on linux. It made my battery life horrendous. I did a doctor recovery and it fixed my battery problem. Have you tried that? I lnow it sounds like a pain the *** to redo all the modifications you have done. But I am sure it'll help you
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    I haven't installed anything beyond a few common apps (Accuweather, NYTimes, etc.). What is a doctor recovery? - never mind- I found it on the Palm site. I guess I'll let the ever-helpful Sprint guys give me their diagnoses before I try the doctor recovery.

    In general, it sounds like my problem is a bit of an outlier, especially considering all of the heavy users out there who still have batteries that are going strong. I literally check email a few times a day, maybe use it as an MP3 player, surf the web a bit.... but certainly not a heavy user over the past 4 months.
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