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    I read an article where it kinda stated CDMA has the potential to be faster. EV-DV can reach up to 5.2MBPS where GSM can only reach 2MBPS? What is the real gist of it?
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    EVDO aka revision A theoretically reaches ~2.4 Mbps (download), EVDV aka revision B could hit ~4.9 Mbps, WCDMA or UMTS on the other hand handles ~2 Mbps (download).
    there are plans for a 4g gsm system to improve speeds and base everything on ip
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    The basis of if one is faster inherantly is hard to say currently in the United States Cdma has a much bigger footprint and covers a larger area its speeds are about 600 to 800 for what is known as Rev 0 what I can say for myself is that Rev A of Evdo what you speak of I believe as a cdma speed standard which sprint and verizon both get peaks at a theortical 3.1. On Rev a I get a real speed of 1.8, now Gsm has a useable data peak on hsdpa+ from about 3 to 7 mbps the problem is this is in a very very small area so your speeds on like at&t for 3g will on average be about 800 to 900 compared to sprint and verizon the difference between the two come with where and how data is transmitted cdma is single circuit basically to where data and voice can not both be used hand and hand where as gms can be used at the same time. Now to your question there is a Rev b on evdo which can get 15 mbps but there is 0 chance of this being deployed with wimax and lte in the works.
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    The other day I was testing my speed against my friends iphone and he only got 1.4MBPS and I got 2.4MBPS I know that isnt always the case though. I tested it on both the 256 and the 512 tests.
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    I get way faster than my iphone now that I've done more testing. Fastest I've seen is 7.59MBPS.

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