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    But I had to take a picture of my phone when I got the error. This was before I learned to take screen captures.

    I got this error, after I closed all open apps (tossed away all cards). Do some of these apps run in the background or something? Nothing was open, and I kept getting it.


    When it said "Sorry, Too Many Cards", it looked like it was referring to my wallpaper, which was a bunch of "Playing Cards" from haha

    I'd toss the 3 of clubs, and one of the deuces. I'd have Aces full. LOL
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    Get this all the time, it blows that we have such problems on such a sweet device.

    if only Palm could fix the simple issues
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    For now... reboot and it will go away.
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    I get this repeatedly, even after restarts. Sucks royally.
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    while restarting will temporarily be a solution... i just throw all my cards away and open a program.. it has worked every time for me.

    say i have 7 programs open... and i get rid of 3 ... it doesn't work... but if i throw all 7 cards away... i can go ahead and open any program after that... while it is a pain it's an easy solution for me.
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    "Too many cards open" is probably a simpler way of saying "not enough memory to open this program." Probably a memory leak somewhere if closing apps doesn't help.
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    I'm getting this now more than ever. Memory management on this device is just...not there yet. AT ALL.
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    Try this...close all cards. Wait 5-10 mins. You should be ok after that. There is some sort of memory cleanup/garbage collection so you just need to give it time to do its thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobilehavoc View Post
    Try this...close all cards. Wait 5-10 mins.

    OR you could reboot and be back up in 2+ minutes. Either way, the phone becomes nigh unusable sometimes, and that's inexcusable. I don't give it a pass on Windows Mobile, and I'm not giving it a pass here.

    Develop a task killer/memory manager/app manager app already, Palm.
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    I am getting this message a lot with only one card open. Given the processor speed/power, this is ridiculous. This is an issue that needs immediate attention. Sometimes I'm just too annoyed and stop browsing.
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    I have a possible solution for this that I'm testing out. Details here -

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    The other day I didn't have any cards open. I went to open an app and got the too many cards message. I tried a few different apps and the only one that opened was the phone dial pad. I rebooted and it went away but still, kind of strange. I have no hacks or homebrew apps.

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    Clearing your cache on a regular well help with this error message..I used to get it alot also
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    I've mentioned this before, but if homebrew applications do not clean up their listeners (or other, external resources) then they'll become a memory leak. After a while, it adds up.

    Try restarting or removing some homebrew.
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    Just reboot...there is def memory leakage but nothing too substantial i think. Every time i get this with a couple of cards open i just restart and its back to being perfect again.
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    I get this quite frequently, esp since 1.2.1. Happens most of the time with the browser, esp if I have a page loading. Or if I have open...

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