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    For those that have been experiencing the repeating "Battery Charging" notification bug on the Touchstone.. Did the 1.2, 1.2.1 update fix the issue for you?

    Well, that appears to be the case on my end. I have two Touchstones.. one with the repeat notification problem. Provantage would not take the messed up TS back and were making me send it in to Palm for a replacement. Of course, I never got around to it and the update came out. Out of curiosity, I tried the buggy TS again and whatayaknow.. 100% and no repeat notifications.

    Really hope I'm not speaking too soon.. I waited two days just to make sure.

    Anyone else getting similar results? Oh, I'm running 1.2.1.
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    I don't think it was the update.were you plugging the touchstone into the same charger??I had the same problem I had a charger the would charge the phone but when I used the same charger with the touchstone I would get the repeating problem.I bought a new charger and it worked with the touchstone perfectly
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    Well I experienced this problem a few days after I got my touchstone. My wife and have Pres and both were having the same problem with the touchstone. From suggestions on this forum I tried her charging cable and adapter . . . same problem.
    tried her cable and my power adapter . . . same problem
    tried my cable and her power adapter . . . same problem
    tried a power strip . . . same problem
    tried plug into wall . . . same problem

    I finally contacted Palm and had a chat session. The tech told me to update to 1.2. The problem disappeared for a few days but reappeared. Went to 1.2.1 same issue. After contacting Palm again yesterday they are sending me a replacement.
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    replace the touchstone.
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    The "on the ball" sprint rep in store told me this was normal. Oh and that I shouldn't be leaving my phone charging overnight as I was going to kill the battery.

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    Yup, same charger & cord as my other TS. I'll see if this is still working properly after a few more days. Either way, happy to not have to return the sucker (for now).

    As for the rep that said not to charge over-night.. puh-leez, that's what you do with cell phones!

    Ah damnit.. maybe spoke too soon. Just got a random "battery charging" alert as I was typing this. Grrrr...

    bronx889, what's that number you used for Palm?
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    I had the same issue with a touchstone I bought from Amazon. I returned it for a new one and have had zero problems. My Pre is charged 100% every morning when I awake.

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