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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    To be fair to those of us that weren't helpful (and I do include myself), go bac and look at the OP's original question:

    Hardly a question that will can be correctly answered, other than "no".

    None of us on here, knows if "this is coming for real". Even if Rubenstein knocked on your door and told you personally, you don't "know it for real".

    Obviously, the OP has already heard that it's coming. He wants somone on a "fan forum" to provide proof. Ain't gonna happen.

    My opinion, the question got the type of response it deserved.
    Or it could be simply that the OP had seen and heard rumors that left it wide open to, "maybe it is coming, maybe it isn't", and they wanted to know whether or not it had been confirmed to be true or still just a rumor. With all of the threads about video on the Pre, finding final confirmation (if it exists) it would be like finding a needle in a haystack, you have to admit.
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    It took 8+ months for HTC and Sprint to enable the gps and working blue tooth on my Mogul!
    But I did have Notification leds (Amber, Blue, green and red!)

    We will get all the good stuff. I just wish that when they come out with the Pre 2 that I could upgrade without breaking the bank!

    And at least the Pre is rock stable. Oh and I was joking about the camera in my previous post. Just havin a little fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hardrocker488 View Post
    So I am trying to search the forum and see where it says video is coming out at the end of this year and I can't find it. Most likely because I am a n00b. Can you show me the thread please or the release where Palm said this.

    Here you go
    Let me google that for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKTex View Post
    And for good reason. It's been asked and discussed 47k times. Another thread is another waste.
    Yes, but for those of us coming to the forums for the first time, it helps to have a *SHORT* thread only a few pages into the forum. Verses the search function which pulls up lots of scary long threads that left me wondering if maybe page 37 of 100+ had had the update that the video feature was working.

    Maybe what's needed is a locked sticky? "No video taking feature yet" that gets updated with official Palm news on the topic.

    Then it can be deleted and replaced with "Video taking feature UP" at such a time as that happens.
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