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    I have invisible shield on my Pre (from day 1) because I am paranoid as hell that without, the screen would get all scratched up as well as the rest of the phone.

    I would like those of you WITHOUT screen protection to tell me how your Pre is doing without the protection (and how long it has been that way) and what kind of treatment it gets (like thrown in with keys in your pocket, dropped, etc). This will help me decide if I want Invisible Shield off the phone.

    The main reason I am considering taking it off is because it collects a lot of dust around different crevices like the USB port, the phone speaker, etc.
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    I've been toting a naked Pre since I bought it in late June and mines has remained remarkably scratch free. I use the cloth carrying case when it's in my pocket and haven't dropped my Pre on pavement *cross fingers*
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    Took mine off for the same reason about a week ago. It's fine. Feels better w/o the skin.
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    Launch day Pre here, no skin. I keep it in the Palm side case, almost never in my pocket. So I'd say it gets treated pretty well. I have two very faint almost impossible to see scratches that I never see in normal viewing conditions. Not sure what did the scratching. But seriously, the oil from my hands is far more visible than scratches. I think scratches won't bother you if you touch it and take care not to store it in sandpaper.
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    My launch day Pre is scratch free and its been naked since day one. Of course I'm not stupid enough to throw it in my pocket with my keys.
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    my first pre has been thrown in my pocket with keys and a can of copenhagen... lots of lil scratches but nothing big. what i hated most though was that the oils from your face got stuck in the scratches! i use the provided case with my new pre!
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    I was actually going to make a thread about this as I am also curious. My pre has had a few rough falls with no cover and it has remained unscratched after those falls. BUT, I still managed to get a few really bad scratches on my screen, and what bothers me the most is that I got these scratches from simply placing and removing it from my front pants pocket because I remember when the scratch appeared and what I had been doing with my pre at thw time. and might I add ITS OWN POCKET (aka nothing else in there). I am very careful with my pre and wipe the screen often with my glasses cleaner to clean it.

    I love my pre but I am apalled at the fact that my phone got scratched up so easily.
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    I keep mine in the pouch when not in use. I do have scratches. They're very small scratches. All are less than a half inch in length. It just kinda looks like there's little bits of fuzz on my screen. No real scratches as I've never dropped or scratched it with anything. I'm sure the scratches are from my shirt.
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    I do have the Pre's case still, I just find it a hassle to pull the phone out when my hands are full and/or I don't always have anywhere to put the phone other than a jacket pocket (assuming it is cool enough to wear a jacket).
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    Ironic - got my first major scratch on my Pre today. I've had it since late June, and I try to keep it covered, but somehow tonight I must have put it in my pocket with my keys (instead of my belt clip). Arghh! and it was SO pretty!
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    does anyone know if you can pay to get the screen repaired? Or if there is something like that gel that repairs scratches on glasses? I want my pre to be sexy again.
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    1 week ownership, running it raw (after i ruined application of invisishield), i put it in stock pouch sometimes but mostly carry raw... no scratches yet

    for scratch you could try a mega fine wheel on dremel?
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    I'm with Brandoncjr. My launch day Pre was naked & scratchless for a good while - then a few inexplicable annoying scratches popped up. "Luckily" I dropped my Pre, badly, and had to get it replaced. With the new one I put invisible shield on it immediately & couldn't be happier (& yes I have a little dust build up in small places, but for me that's WAY better than those damn scraches)
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    I carry my Pre like a normal person... no screen protector, right in my pockets... I just don't keep it with anything like keys or my wallet. I sit it on many different surfaces, and it has fallen a few times.

    No scratch on the screen. It would require significant abuse to screw this thing up.

    That being said, if you are one of those people who are rougher than hell on your phones, then you probably need the skin. I have slept with mine in my pocket a few times, rolling around while I sleep... I have fallen asleep with it in my hand, and found it under my back when I woke up...

    I have fallen asleep in my living room, and found the phone on the floor from the cat, and yet, there are no scratches, and no problems.

    I've had the phone on the seat in my car, and emergency-braked, and sent the phone tumbling against all sorts of surfaces at high speeds--still nothing.

    My hands get greasy, dirty, wet, and I work in a very cold server enviroment. I walk in an out of these environments several dozen times a day, where my glasses fog up, and my phone's screen even gets condensation on it.

    Seriously, if you screw up a Pre--you're trying way too hard.

    no 'Thanks'
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    Quote Originally Posted by hmjd View Post
    ... I put invisible shield on it immediately & couldn't be happier (& yes I have a little dust build up in small places, but for me that's WAY better than those damn scraches)
    That's a good point - dust is way better than scratches. The nice thing about Invisible Shield is that after it has been on for a while, the grippy feeling goes away and it smooths out quite nice - but not so much to where it is slippery like the bare Pre.
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    I've had my Pre since June 15. No skins, no scratches. I use the Palm side case also. Boxwave has shields for the screen part only in clear and anti-glare that are removable and washable. I bought a 3 pack about 2 1/2 years ago for my daughters mp3 player,and she's still has 2 unused, so I recommend the single pack.
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    I would never go without a zagg invisible shield (Sspecially when they install it so perfectly). I can't stand even the littlest scratch.
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    2-year-contract-agreement, leave on the shield. $7 monthly protection doesn't cover scratches or drops. I personally protect the front with a zagg shield and the back with a generic skin which improves grip when opening-closing keyboard.
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    My has been naked for 2 weeks(I just got the PRE) & yesterday it flopped out of my pocket & Bam! It hit the floor landed straight on the screen, ended up with 2 scratches on the screen & lots of rock inditations along the sides ****ed! Should have covered it...
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    I have mine covered with seidio innocase and forever fitters screen shield. I can sleep at night!
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