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    The main reason I asked about this is because some factory screens on phones are very scratch resistant. I saw a demo of the iPhone 3g when somebody took their keys and scratched the naked screen and it didn't have any problems (although it could have been an edited video with exxageration). I didn't like the iPhone 3g when I had it (for 2 weeks and returned it) because of the lack of multitasking and GPS apps at the time - plus AT&T is such a rip off on their plans!
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    I had an Invisishield installed on my Pre by Best Buy, just a few days after I purchased my Pre. I knew the screen was well protected with the Invisishield but slowly over the last two months the edge of the film by the charging port started to peel. It got worse and worse! Pair that with the dust around the edges like the other people mentioned, my Pre started to look like CRAP!

    today I could not stand it any longer and I removed the Invisishield. Man... I forgot how sharp the Pre looks! Also the screen is so much more to gesture on with the screen protector. I will keep the Pre in the little microfiber sleeve that came with the Pre. This sleeve is great for removing the smudges off of the screen. As I am sliding the Pre out of the sleeve, I apply a little pressure with my thumb on the screen side of the sleeve and this removes most of the smudges.
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    One more thing... I forgot how clear and bright the Pre's screen is. Kind of looked terrible with the Invisishield screen protector on.
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    That's because screen protectors are worthless on the Pre. Just take care of your stuff.
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    I've had my Pre since July 1st. I keep it in the little pouch it came with if I am carrying the Pre in a pocket. My iPod touch taught me that empty pockets aren't as safe as I would believe since my iPod touch screen has quite a few scratches on it and I always kept it in an empty pocket. So far my Pre's screen is in perfect shape, although I have been lucky the couple times I have dropped it on concrete.
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    my pre fell off the dash of my truck onto the floor, I had the invisible shield on it from best buy and it ended up scratching through the shield and onto the screen.. biggest waste of $25. Wish I could have it back and put it towards another pre, at least i have insurance.
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