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    All it does is vibrate and YES I have notifications sounds on and do not have any tweeks at all.
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    Mine is doing this same thing, and i dont understand why. My e-mail dont even vibrate, i get no notification, my text are fine. I am glad i am not the only one
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    I've found that after updating or flashing my phone, even though the accounts re-sync from the Palm Profile, they don't work properly. I would have problems with push mail, contact images, and notifications. I solved it all by removing the accounts and reloading them after I flash.
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    Mine dont work either. I do have it tweaked where the circle comes on when i get a msg.
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    Can you put that in layman's terms please? i am addressing sir bobeo
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    My notifications sounds are VERY low compared to my ringer... if I turn my ringer down it's VERY hard to hear or I simply don't hear the notification sounds. If I turn volume up ringer is very loud while notifications are at least audible... this is new... all sounds used to be same level...

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