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    Not sure if everyone has the same problem with FORD SYNC and navigation system, but when I have my bluetooth on and paired with my SYNC; my palm pre navigation system and music dont play sound, both of them work correctly but no sounds comes from the phone.

    I can use the phone and I hear notifications just fine, any other sound from the phone works fine, but as soon as the SYNC and bluetooth pair, sounds from navigation system and music player are gone.

    So, I was wondering if anyone has the same problem and if anyone knows about a solution for this problem

    I contacted SYNC and ford, but no one has given me an answer just yet
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    I made a post about my audio being all crazy on my Ford sync as well. Not quite the same problem as yours. My phone works but music sounds really crappy. I have gathered that they screwed up BT a lot with the newest patch and that we have to wait for a new patch for it to be fixed. I tried swapping devices and had no luck too. So, hopefully palm will fix the BT issues soon.

    As always, make sure you have the newest Sync installed too (not that it made a difference for me)

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    I already installed the latest sync.... i updated the palm pre... not sure what to do anymore.... i use my nav system a lot but i have to turn off my bluetooth everytime.... oh well

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