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    I've had this problem pop up over a couple of different Pres and WebOS Doctorings...

    So no matter whether the Dev Mode Enabler app's switch says that Dev Mode is on or off, when I plug the Pre into my Windows XP laptop, a "Novacom device" and a USB Mass media drive show up in my "Safely Remove Hardware" System Tray menu. It doesn't matter whether I tap "USB Drive" or "Just Charge" on the Pre when that menu comes up.

    When I've chosen Just Charge, the USB Mass Media drive icon in Windows Explorer acts as if it isn't really there (I think it asks me to insert a disk into it...I'm not sure at the moment). When I've chosen USB Drive, Windows Explorer can see onto the drive and access the files. I *believe*, tho, that, rather than showing up with a drive name of "PALM PRE", it tends to show up just as "Removable Drive" in Explorer.

    "Novacom device" is always there in the Safely Remove Hardware menu. As I understand it, and as it used to behave, the Novacom device is only supposed to show up when the Pre's in Dev Mode and plugged in with "Just Charge".

    I've installed the novacom drivers both independently, and, following a hard drive re-imaging for the XP machine, as part of the setup process for installing Palm's WebOS SDK.

    The most incriminating common thread across the two Pre's and resurrections via WebOS Doctor is that these problems seem to show up after I've installed and/or uninstalled and/or deleted and/or re-installed the homebrew MyTether application.

    When I was on WebOS version 1.1, I used Jason's WebOS Repair Utility to try to get rid of the problem, but the problem persisted through that.
    • Could the Dev Mode switch have been somehow disconnected from the actual dev mode state such that it doesn't affect the dev mode state anymore?...and that my Pre's stuck in Dev Mode?
    • If that's the case, how can I recouple it correctly?

    Anyone come across anything like this? Got any other ideas as to what might be the problem or how to fix it?
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    I don't have the problem with the Novacom coming up when just charging, but I have had the problem where my devmode on the Pre stopped working. I would bring up devmode and switch on or off, and the Pre would not do that short reboot. It would just stay on the screen. Since I couldn't determine what dev-mode status the Pre was in I was stuck.
    I ended up WebOSDoctoring the Pre and now the dev-mode acts normally.
    Another problem I had was that WOSQI would come up and I could do tweaks to the Pre and they would work, but when I tried to click the feeds button, nothing would show up, as if the button was not working.
    I still have that problem today after the doctoring.
    So rather than use WOSQI, I loaded Preware via the Wiki instructions at the root level and use Preware to load tweaks and homebrew programs.

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