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    Removed battery as % and now my battery life span is good again. Maybe it is affecting some peoples phones different than others. It also seems like it was about a week after I installed it that the battery started getting hit. Don't know, but it was a nice patch and I hope they get it fixed.

    Again, I do not have the LED patch installed. Never have
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    my pre drains away also.... just uninstalled some tweaks and a theme... well see!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKTex View Post
    The first advice it so find a thread where that's a relevant question, or start the 34872th thread on the same subject.
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    Hey just FYI, i uninstalled all patches and left LED on and my battery is so much better. Def one of the patches causing issues, and i don't think it's the LED which i am sure it does affect it also but not the main issue here.
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