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    I don't think there was a problem with the hype... The phone made people excited when they showed it off at CES. It's OS is exciting and fresh and could take it where iPhone is and lead from there. And from CES they had the excitement with them all the way to launch.

    From there... fizzed out.

    And maybe just so many things they had no control of but just had to come out with what they had and just didnt capitlize from the beginning.

    People were willing to wait in lines and make a splash like the iPhone crowd did at the beginning... but I think they failed because Sprint or Palm didnt create a bigger frenzy and they didnt have inventory if I remember correctly. I think they should have been able to sell as many as BB did with Storm in one quarter even with going with a smaller carrier like Sprint with better marketing and more inventory.

    Marketing sucked.... the creepy girl.... creepy and don't see any positive impact from it. Sprint sucked as far as pushing the phone... could have done better.

    I think it's fair to say their is/was a build quality issue and it does hurt. A lot of people like me will take software issues to a degree because you are confident that SW updates will resolve them. But HW issues stay with you and should have been more solid. Tighter feel, solid signal strength and no off-size battery/shut off issues and little things (light leaks, bad pixels, screen discoloration) would have made a world or difference. Right now with people talking about screens dying and cracks near the button coming up... I question if a good percentage of this phone will last two years without a major issue and a lot of owners wonder this too which make it an issue.

    And incomplete features... You can say all you want about 1st gen and should be compared to 1st gen iphone... but if you do that then Palm already lost the iPhone killer status because you can't compete with a 2 year old phone... you have the current 3GS which is the 'standard.' Doesnt matter if iphone didnt have voicedial or cut/paste or video or apps when they were first gen... they have it NOW and Pre needed to have it NOW.

    App store... Huge huge set back because they didnt have it ready at launch or sooner after launch. Four months out is too long and hurts.

    When they make European launch I think it will be bad if app store does not get out of Beta. This is a chance for second wind and they need to make the most of it. There are too many good winmo6 and android and BB phones coming out.

    The phones only been out four months... It would be a TOTALLY different game if four months ago they came out with the phone they have TODAY and the store where it is or better. I half heartedly joked about the phone being in Pre-Alpha stage in another post but really think I was not far off. The app store definitely not much more than off the drawing board at launch.

    Again... they probably didnt have much choice... I dont think anyone will argue that they were close to being finished and had no choice. I'm not just talking iPhone... there are a lot of new phones coming out and there momentum is gone. But they have can storm back over time. Nothing wrong with being thought of the next iPhone killer... but they didnt make it. My opinion of course
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    Sprint CEO said in interview that PALM wanted to take it head to head against iPhone. Again, nothing wrong with that and being bold and trying to take it to Apple. Maybe PALM thought they could make up the issues with SW or apps store in shorter time but they havent.

    Quote Originally Posted by ananimus View Post
    You nailed it here. I don't recall Sprint or Palm making any comparisons to the iPhone aside from what was brought up in interviews. And even then they said, "Well, we're sort of trying to cut somewhere between RIM and Apple." All the iPhone comparisons came from the media/blogs.

    [And incidentally, I personally think they did a fine job of setting up shop between the iPhone and BB, as they said they would. The OP is right. It's not an iPhone. It's also not a BB. It's something a little different. Again, all the other comparisons came from third parties.]
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    I'd agree with this, except I do remember Sprint putting out an ad with a Pre leaning against a mostly-devoured Apple. That was definitely drawing some comparisons, although it might have been more about the AT&T plans.
    in Sprint stores there is tear off tablet beside the Pre display comparing the Pre directly against the iphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nreeldeep View Post
    in Sprint stores there is tear off tablet beside the Pre display comparing the Pre directly against the iphone.
    Exactly. Sprint. Not Palm. Sprint != Palm Palm did not "advertise" the Pre as an iPhone competitor. It is, but they didn't advertise it that way. The whole thread is based on an incorrect premise.

    I'm not sure what folks would have Palm do, pretend the iPhone doesn't exist? As someone else stated, every smartphone will be compared to the iPhone (for now, something else in the future, I'm sure...). The reason there was so much "hype" about the Pre is not because the comparson was coming from Palm, but because for the first time, there was a legitimate strong competitor.
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