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    I have the infamous charging port crack, and a couple of other stress cracks on my June bought Pre. Sprint CS, tech support, 3 sprint stores and Palm CS/tech support say they never heard of that and the only way to get a replacement is to call Asurion($100). How did you guys get yours replaced out the the 30 day return policy? Thanks.
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    I had the infamous screen crack on my june bought pre about a month ago. The sprint store and Sprint CS was useless. They would not replace it under warranty or repair since it was cracked. I called Palm and they took care of it no questions asked. I had to be without it for 1 week... Palm gave me their shipping number and I was able to overnight my pre to the repair facility for no charge to me. They fixed it up and sent it back. I got my original phone back as I made sure to check the serial number. All is well again.

    If you have an old sprint phone you can activate that while you wait on your pre to get repaired. I would highly recommend you take this route. Good Luck!!!

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