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    I have a question to people that have bought Pre's very recently. I was wonder how the build quality was on the recent Pre's?

    I am thinking of buying one for my friend and I was wondering if I should wait, or have most of the issues been taken care off?

    I got my phone on June 6th, and since then have returned it 3 times because of issues, last time being about 1.5 months ago, and the build quality seemed the same. The screen moves around and doesn't feel sturdy, like the screen is going to crack off.
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    hi it seems the build quality got better it seems the first devices out had some build issues i got one from the first hour it came out and now one like 3 weeks old this new one someo\how seems way more better build they look the same but the to parts the pre is made of where moving pretty freely now them seem way more fixed and software u dont have to worry u can update the software on ur friends one just make sure u test the phone look it is is very shaky when its closed and u can move the upper and lower part pretty freely left and right if so u should get a version now
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    it seems like its a lot better my screen doesnt move at all
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    first one i had was great new ,, a week later it started to have alot play in the slider so i was gonna take it back for a replacement
    and the day before i decided to do it... drop one in water (dont ask) the insurance replacement was brand new ...the build date 8/08/09 vs the 7/29/09 and so far night and day differents ..the new one feels more solid so at least for me all good
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    I've heard that build quality has improved some from people that I know who had early models and had to trade it in for a new one.

    I got mine at one of the Pre-launch parties and haven't any a single problem with it hardware wise. I wonder if the pre-launch devices went through another QC check before being released?!?!
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    bought mine 1 week ago and the battery cover squeaks like mad... had to pad the battery with a strip of paper to reduce the creaking
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    I got one in late June (late enough to have the silver ball rather than the white one of the very earliest models) and it was very solid as far as the oreo effect. After it developed cracks around the USB port, I was able to trade it for a new one Monday (the gods smiled on me and I avoided a refurb!!!). The new one actually isn't quite as firm as my first Pre, but is still very acceptable. I'm more disturbed about the USB cracking issue than I am about the oreo effect.
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    I got a Pre three weeks ago. One drop and I had serious Oreo. My replacement however seems much better. The back doesn't creak and the overall fit and feel seems tighter. Also I noticed the new one has a chrome home button, the first was clearer and had a yellow tinge to it. I think later builds might be better.

    All this been said, the build quality still isn't as good as it should be. Good thing the OS is the best around
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    8/9/09 BD on mine. No oreo and minimal play between halves. Actually much better build quality then my HTC TP
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    How do you find out the build date?
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    Bump. Id like to know how to find out the build date Ive searched and cant find it. I tried looking in the RTN menu but i couldnt see it.
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    Go to your phone menu and dial... ##786* and check your warranty date code
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaki View Post
    Go to your phone menu and dial... ##786* and check your warranty date code
    It's actually ##786#
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    dial ##786#
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    Though I don't think this will help you statistically, my wife's week+ old Pre seems solid. No appreciable slider play (oreo), no loose batteries or any other physical/appearance flaws that I'm aware of. Like someone else mentioned, it's seems more solid than my (hated) TP ever did. I've even warmed up the keyboard a bit. I never thought my sausage fingers would be able to type on it, but it isn't bad (and hasn't broken twice like the (hated) TP). I'm not ready to replace the (hated)TP with one yet, but I'm not saying no.
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    I purchashed my first pre about 30 days ago, the 6th of sept. That one was perfect, screen was tight and had no oreo effect. There were no dead pixels and eveything seemed perfect until I dropped it. Then there was some considerable change with the screen, it wobbled alot and I could feel the inside of where the keyboard is. Also there was a noticeable gap on the left side in the middle, not sure if that was there before. Second pre was great up until it began restarting randomly. Now I'm on my third and final pre and its even better than the first so I'm happy.
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    Mine was purchased on 8/5 and I've had no issues whatsoever.
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    I picked mine up on Wednesday, and so far the only issue I have is a slight wobble between the two halves. Other than that, the screen is perfect (no hot spots or dead pixels), nothing creaks, and surprisingly my battery life is pretty good (I've been running it hard to cycle the battery, and even with heavy data usage, music, screen on full brightness, GPS and phone calls, it's still going all day).

    I will say that it doesn't feel as nearly well screwed together as an iPhone, but having true multi-tasking, as well as a network that actually allows you make calls more than 70% of the time (Apple/AT&T claims that it's normal for an iPhone to drop 30% of calls), more than makes up for it.

    As a convert from Verizon/Treo, so far I'm more than happy with my new Pre.

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    I exchanged my 8?14 built one for an 8/24 built one. The oreo is much much mcuh less on the new one - but the two halves are still pretty far apart when closed (when I tap the crenn it moves and 'clicks' with the rear half of the evice). Overall it is much better than my first. My first had the white button and a dead pixel. New one has chrome buttom and no dead pixels.

    If this one lasts another 9 months I'll e happy (I'll get a warranty replacement then )

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