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    I have notice that my screen will turn to landscape (or not) by itself. Any one else have the problem and can we fix it? Also, I have discovered that my Kindle charging cords can be used with my Palm Pre. Which means I don't have to carry both on vacation.
  2. #2's supposed to do that. Pre has a built in accelerometer for this purpose.
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    no, I meant that when I hold portrait it goes landscape. and when I turn it to landscape it stays portrait.
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    Huh? So when viewing photos in the album (as an example) the photos will not rotate and re-size to fit the screen?
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    I've had the same problem. Mine also won't blank the screen once in a while when I am talking on the phone. I think it is an issue with the accelerometer.
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    On a related note. I wish the accelerometer could be switched off at times. It's really annoying when it tries to be 'smart' about going landscape when you're laying down with the phone, still looking at it in portrait orientation.

    This drives me insane at times.
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