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    Anybody out there who has never ever ever used FileCoaster or put their Pre in Dev mode hit the app space limit yet? If so, did it take a long time? I have a feeling that FileCoaster may be taking up space in the var/ partition and using up the space. I don't think I have enough apps installed to use up the 250mb or so space that is allocated. Does Filecoaster download to that partition? I'm sure there is junk and partial downloaded files wherever it is.

    I'd be curious to see what someone with an out of box Pre with no changes can do with apps.
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    FileCoaster was a pioneer in OTA updating, but it does not prevent hitting the app limit. It is not about the space it takes up but rather the way it installs apps. Someone may know the details better, butI think it too closely mimics the app catalog in that is subject to the app limit. Preware avoids this problem. I have FileCoaster loaded but use Preware to load most apps and have never hit a limit. Hope this helps.
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    that's not your problem. your problem is you have too many apps. i don't even use filecoaster i use preware and i'm full.
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    but can still download from preware

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