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    Striking It Rich: Is There An App For That?

    funny story about the trism guy, but as always, it takes time and money to make money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe View Post
    funny story about the trism guy, but as always, it takes time and money to make money.
    I found the article more sad than funny, and it reminds me a lot of the DOT-bomb years, just a shorter timeframe.

    I really hate to see Apple's nearly irresponsible promotion of the idea of "app store millionaires". It sets unrealistic expectations for developers, almost all of whom now are lost in a sea of 80,000+ apps, wondering what the can do to get attention.

    One of the things developers are doing on the iPhone is lowballing their app prices. Any developer who's spent more than five minutes looking at numbers can see that super low pricing is not sustainable, but far too many iPhone developers fell victim to Job's famous distortion reality field.

    That situation also circles around to users. Who can sift through 80,000 apps in a lifetime? Where are the good apps? Which of these clone apps is the original, or which is the better clone? Why have't I seen updates to my favorite $0.99 apps?

    Any indy webOS devs with dollar signs in their eyes: be smart. Don't quit your day job, don't get a second mortgage to finance a startup. Odds are you're not going to strike it rich. Just enjoy making your apps, connect with users and other developers, and be happy to have some supplemental income from doing something you like.
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    My prediction: it won't take long for apps sold outside of the App Catalog to outnumber and outsell apps sold in the App Catalog. And by "outsell," I don't necessarily mean in unit volume, but rather in dollar volume. There was a robust application ecosystem for the PalmOS (and Windows Mobile, for that matter) long before Apple made the App Store. It just wasn't made up of $.99 apps.

    It wasn't too long ago that I was debating with folks who made the claim that selling a $.99 app was just as good as selling a $9.99 app (or $19.99, or $29.99, or whatever)--you just had to make it up in volume. Problem is, of course, that few ever sell that kind of volume, particularly in such a crowded market. Seems like reality has finally caught up with some people.

    Final point: this should also be interesting given that developing for WebOS is so much easier than for the iPhone OS (and Android and WM, as well). Sure, the apps aren't as robust (e.g., no 3D gaming), but then again what do we expect for $.99? And, a $.99 app that only sells 10,000 copies is easier to stomach if the development time is a fraction of what it is for other platforms.
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    Definitely an interesting article, I agree with much of it.

    Regarding pricing, it's an interesting balance. Between the dozen or so iPhone apps I have worked on and sell, pricing ranges from $0.99 up to $12.99. Some of those $0.99 games took more time to develop than the more expensive apps. I try to peg pricing based on the target market and target customer; a quick-hit arcade game makes a lot of sense at $0.99, while some of the other apps targeted at long-term professional customers justify higher prices. Those are the apps that will need updates and customer support. In the long haul, I will spend more time on them.

    When you look at pricing over an entire product lineup that addresses different customers, it starts to make sense. I think the devs who struggle with pricing might be new to the market, and only have one app that is hard to peg. They tend to get sucked into the $0.99 app economy with no thought about the long haul.
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    yes, the article is sad. sad for developers. what was funny is that apple puts this trism developer around as a poster child and he becomes a "millionaire" because he invested in palm.
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