Ok yall,

I am coming to you begging for help and some answers. I actually use my palm pre for business and it was a replacement to take over for the palm treo 755p that worked like a champ for 2 and half years!!

Anyway, I'm only 3 months into owning this phone and I'm already starting to wonder if it's a plastic piece of crap. In the last 2 weeks, the phone will just shut itself off w/out me doing anything. I'll hold the power button to get it turned on, but it would just shut off way to esasily in my opinion.

Now today it's really screwed me. I heard my phone rigning, went to get it about 2 minutes later and my whole phone is dead. The screen wont come on at all. I held the power button in, slid the phone up and down... NOTHING.. I then removed the battery and then placed it back in.. NOTHING..

I finally plugged my phone back into the wall charger and a big white question mark came up. I've checked on the internet and it says that the battery isn't in all the way. IT IS>>. I checked 4 times!!

What else can I do? I'm starting to really not like this phone one bit because it's reliability is ridiculous! Please help.