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    Hello all,
    I am curious how to get video movies to work on my palm pre. I was told to use a program called "handbrake" to convert to mp4, then copy to my pre when in USB mode. However.. no movies show up and it says my video library is empty. Any ideas?

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    try this one Koyote Soft >>> and convert ur videos to mp4 ... u can create a folder named VIDEOS in ur usb storage and just put that video in this folder!!.. that work for me!
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    Yep thats working for me too.

    I use DVD Decrypter to make a .VOB and then Viderora for the Palm Pre to make the .mp4.
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    I use DVDFAB ( it is not free) but I use it to make "back ups" of my DVD's also.
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    Koyote Soft is free also work more fast than videora!!! u should try! ..
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    visualhub is what I use for converting any videos onto any handheld devices I it comes out really nice.
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    Koyote Soft did not work.. in fact, I didnt even see an option to convert to MP4. Only Wav, WMA, MP3 and such
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    use handbrake and set just use the iphone preset. It works great on mine. You can either add the videos to itunes and sync them that way or mount the phone as a usb drive and copy them that way.
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    best way by far... download realplayer newest version.... thenn go to anyvideo on youtube or just any video when downloaded if you scroll over the video on the top right a lil popup will popup and say click to download it will download after that click it and press convert it actually has a setting for palm pre videos but you have to change it in settings to add it to the list of convertable items... hope i helped
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    thanks. it works.
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    Use magic dvd ripper it's free just choose Ipod format and you are good. Great pic and sound quality. Have put several movies on my pre.
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    Yea, I use Handbrake...just downloaded it and used it for the first time. Used iTunes to copy it over to the Pre and played flawlessly!!!
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    DVD Catalyst works well without a lot of user intervention. Just use the default iPhone setting. Fast, simple with very good results.
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    Actually, I encountered some videos in my collection that Handbrake and DVD Catalyst, DVD Fab, and a few others couldn't handle! They were b----in about something.... For S&Gs, I tried a little util I had lying around....called.... YouTube Downloader...... Using it, I set it for Manual Conversion but then it asks for specifics like video and audio bitrate, audio channels and sample rates. There were some presets available but I like having this level of control. So I used another util called G-Spot to get all of that information from the original problematic source files and entered them into YouTube Downloader.

    The end result was flawless!! They all synced and played without errors. A little more work involved but extremely powerful and very useful if you want to snag something from YouTube.

    The YouTube Downloader is too large to leave here but G-Spot is attached.
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