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    Hi all, I would like to know if everyone is experiencing the same lag that I am while multitasking on my Pre. When I listen to my built in music player, I always find there is significant lag on the device trying to do anything else such as read email or just jump between windows. The refresh time for windows to open are very laggy. I also use Shoutcase to stream music and the lag I experience when streaming is even worse. I closed all cards except for the music player and email and experienced the lag. I would just like ot know if this is the norm or its time for me to factory reset my device and start from scratch. Thank you
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    Hard to say for sure without some more exact timing and specific examples, but I think that's pretty normal. My Pre is also quite slow to do anything else if it's trying to play music.

    You might try an occasional reboot and see if that helps at all. My experience is that the Pre slows down after being "up" for a while (probably a memory leak somewhere), and often a reboot will clean it up.
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    My Pre will lag if I am useing the music player and trying to load an app. It will stutter, but once the app completely opens it will return to normal.

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