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    either Uberkernal or F104 which removes TMC Error entirely. Both used with Govnah.

    Uber is the most stable kernal today, F104 n F102 simply remove the TmC Error, u can overClock using these Kernals, or u can keep at the palm default setting.

    Both are great, ite up to u to find which one works for u.
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    I use UberKernal and Govnah and it works great.
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    I can't say why, but I just want to clarify that neither overclocking kernel will "remove TMC entirely." It does vastly reduce the number of instances and is definitely worth it, but I guarantee you that even while overclocked and given 5 minutes I can get a TMC error using nothing but 3-5 browser cards, which I wouldn't consider a ridiculous feat of multitasking.
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    I think the browser is the main culprit when it comes to TMCs
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