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    well i think i did everything right... i downloaded homebrew and i just tried to load the beer app and it said my phone wasnt conneced so i re did it and it has said "connecting to divice" for the last 20 min.. i dont know what is going on.. if there is anyone that knows what i am talking about and can tell me how to fix it please do.. i also want to get the virtual keyboard.. if anyone has an input on that that would be great... thanks a lot..
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    you downloaded what? connect your device vs your divice
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    i dont know what i downloaded.. im new to all of this stuff.. i thought i downloaded homebrew for my computer then i downloaded the beer app and i tried to load it on my phone but it just says connect your device.. i have no idea..
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    Have you put the Pre in developer's mode?
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    no i didnt.. thank you.. i did and i got it to work... is there a way to shop for apps from my phone? and what is your thoughts on the virtual keybopard

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