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    Quote Originally Posted by raudaa View Post
    So....the unthinkable happened yesterday, my phone was on the counter and got knocked right in the toilet!! I grabbed it within 5 seconds, and shut it down. Took it apart, let it dry overnight and ......... she WORKS!!! I am amazed at that!
    This thread is full of crap.
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    Not the thread, but maybe the phone............
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    I think we have learned that pre and **** may cause bad karma
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    Did you wash your hands too??
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    Are you going to put the phone up to your face to talk into it?!
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    aaaaaaaaaaaand thats why I hate the idea of getting a refurb..
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    Quote Originally Posted by phreakish View Post
    aaaaaaaaaaaand thats why I hate the idea of getting a refurb..
    Eww, I didn't even think of that!!!
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    Phone is still working fine, but lesson to all, dont take the pre to the head, just DON'T DO IT!
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    My niece has gone thru four phones this last year. Not Pre's. Three of them fell in the toliet. One in a lake from what I remember. The last one was in a porta potty. She talked some guy into putting on rubber gloves and fishing for it. He then asked her if he found it would she actually want to use it again. She opted to file a claim.
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    so what happened?

    I was hiking and was bumped .. dropped the phone slid down a cliff to the water...

    I jumped in and removed it in less than 6 seconds so I'll see.
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    This is where having the OREO AND GAP would suck...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zna03 View Post
    I don't understand why people bring their phones into these situations... do you need it to be attatched to you to live? lol, leave it on the coffee table or somewhere not near a pool of death.
    My ex's father actually dropped his Treo in the toilet one time. I asked him how the freak that happened, and he gave a pretty reasonable answer...

    The phone was in his shirt pocket. He bent over and PLOP. Luckily, his Treo made it.
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    Oh man, my buddy dropped his iphone into a cup of ice cold water that he just poured as he pulled his phone out of his pocket... he saw bubbles coming out of the phone. he immediately put the phone in with a few silica packs and left it for 24 hours... Phone ended up working just fine afterwards. Good luck.
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    back when i had a motorolla ve240 i was sitting down my glass of milk cause i had my phone nd plate with a nice steak in it in the other hand. my phone slipped and went right into the glass of milk which i quickly kicked over and grabbed my phone in panic.
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    I dropped an old nokia phone in gasoline once. Stunk the rest of the time I had it..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kedar View Post
    This is where having the OREO AND GAP would suck...
    NIce. lol
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    I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.........
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    Just think in the UK they flush 850,000 down a year
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    I did that....pre wouldn't turn on for 5 days, then finally turned on but the touch screen was dead. Thankfully, it was only 28 days old at that point and I went to a non-repair store and they did an immediate free swap out for a new one! Yay sprint!!
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    i spilled a chocolate shake on mine...but it had the invisishield thing on it...woot!
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