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    Sorry, but that's probably not going to happen. CESD just announced Pimlical is now finished and ready for release, and that means almost certainly DateBk is going away.

    However, there seems to be a weakness in the "not for the Pre" armor. I'm not going to include the entire email (Pimlico says that it's to be considered "private by default" - I don't agree with the concept, but will honor it), but I am going to include the pertinent part:

    because it is written to be a cross-platform application, it will soon appear for Mac's and Linux desktops and during 2010 will also start rolling out as handheld versions for most all handhelds currently on the market. Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile are targeted platforms. iPhone may follow if Apple changes its policies on third party libraries such as Adobe Flash Player, Sun's JVM, etc. A native version for the new Palm Pre is still a question mark - it's probably not practical to implement an application as complex as Pimlical in javascript, but there's obviously a JVM embedded somewhere in the Pre and if access were made available, that could change that picture. However, with WebOS1.2, the Pre can now sync all the PIM data in the classic (Palm OS) environment to the Palm desktop/Pimlical, so you can basically run DateBk6 just the same way as you did on a palm OS device on the Pre!
    (all emphasis was added by me).
    I don't know about you folks, but I don't want to use use Classic and sync the old DateBK program. I want a native app for the Pre. DateBK was by far the best calendaring system that ever happend for the PalmOS, probably ever happened for any mobile device, and I don't doubt that Pimlical will be on the same level.

    I suggest folks email Pimlico (Pimlico Software, Inc. (SWSupport ATSign PimlicoSoftware DOTSign com) and let them know what you're willing to do. Personally, I'm willing to pay the full $29 for this, and even willing to pay 1/2 up front, with some assurance that we'll see the product within the following 6 months.

    An email or two to Palm to encourage them to work with Pimlico probably wouldn't hurt either.

    If you want to see the product, here's a link - Pimlico Software home page
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    A webos version or Pimlical would indeed be cool. In fact if there was a way for a desktop version to sync with the PRe...that would be even better!
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    Another complicating factor is Palm's stance of opening synergy to 3rd parties. On Palm OS there was one calendar to which all external calendars synced. Now there are multiple calendars, and each application can only read its own, not the others. Palm says it will open this eventually but right now it's a problem.
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    Personally, I'd be totally willing to ignore/trash the built-in calendar, Google sync, etc. and pay $50 just to have access to a quality calendar like DateBk, especially if it could sync to a solid calendar on the desktop or cloud.

    Palm's Pre is brilliant in so many ways, but when it comes to being a worthwhile business device, the current webOS calendar = FAIL!!
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    I would be absolutely delighted to see Datebk6 on the Pre, and would be willing to pay $50 for it. But, unless they strike a deal with Pimlico to make this happen, Palm needs to fix its native calendar. It is currently just a toy.
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    I agree....I would pay $50 for datebk today. I miss it.
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    Datebk is great. I mainly used the month view with icons to look quickly for upcoming events. (I had to switch to Agendus when I got a WM phone, but it does icons as well) That is really all I need for my calendar to do. The Pre calendar month view can't even do something that basic.

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