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    This was at the Malco theater in Memphis, TN. If anyone is in the Memphis area, the one I saw it at was their Paradiso location. It really is pretty innovative. It's great for me because I have Sprint and get a discount. Then all my friends standing around watching me get a discount were sad they couldn't get one because they didn't have Sprint.
    I've seen that a couple times in that theater, but I've never used it (I don't get anything at the concession stand, so why bother?).

    The last time I was there, there were lots of Sprint promotional ads for the Sherlock Holmes and a few promoting video playback on the Pre with free movie trailers. Unfortunately, I got 1x coverage with 1 or 2 bars most of the time while sitting in the theater (5 bars EV outside). Also, when I tied to watch the trailer on my Pre, it wouldn't work.
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    Haha yeah I saw this after coming out of a movie. I was like "Gosh I love Sprint!"
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    What a great promotion! Thanks!
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    wanted to use this the other day at a malco theater in fayetteville arkansas but the machine was out of order.
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