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    cant find from google search or pre central search
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    Easy! Just enter the name of the first person you want to send it to. After it brings up the name of the person, touch it and it will add them to the To: field and you will still have a cursor. At this point, enter in another name and repeat as necessary.
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    Hrm im not seeing that - as soon as I choose the first recipient for SMS, the screen turns to "Convo" mode and cursor is on the message body entry. If I "card-out" and find a second reciepient it opens up a second "Convo" card =\
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    Sending to multiple recipients is easy, and is just like sending to a single recipient!

    Start by entering one of your contacts in the messaging app, just as you normally would:

    Once your contact is entered (or if you selected 'SMS' from the contact list app), a bubble will appear around it, indicating a complete contact. To add another, just start typing another name/number in the To: field of the message. If the cursor has shifted automatically to the message body, tap in the To: field to re-activate it first:

    Then, simply type the name of an additional contact:

    You can add as many contacts as you want, then just type your message and tap send!

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    nice step by step process.

    you can just go to the main menu of the messagin, tap the lil bubble on the bottom right, should have a plus sign.
    then go add as many recipients you want and text them the message and you good

    also don't forget the joe above me he went all out to solve this small oroblem for you
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    Thanked ya stormd because I knew how to do it but that was such a great post it was worth it.
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    I've done this in the past and no problems at all.

    Tonight I'm trying to send a picture to 5 people and after about 2 minutes, its giving me a message that says, "message to multiple recipients failed to send, try again".

    I've tried it about 4 times with the same result.

    For some reason I downloaded the patch a few weeks ago that allows me to send to unlimited recipients and after this started happening tonight I thought that maybe this is being caused by this patch, so I deleted it and restarted.

    I do not have wifi on either.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    super contacts plus in the app store lets you set up groups. One tap and it's done. I think it was 2 bucks, and well worth it
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    thanks, but my issue isn't going into find all of the indivuals I want to send to. The problem is the phone is telling me I can't send the picture, over and over. Now it won't even let me send to 1 person.
    any ideas?
    I'm sending text and email fine just not photos.
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    I ran into this same issue...although I haven't fixed it yet. Last time I just called the carrier and they had to flip a switch & activate pic messaging for me so I'm hoping its that easy for Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    super contacts plus in the app store lets you set up groups. One tap and it's done. I think it was 2 bucks, and well worth it
    Super Contacts also has a free version. I've used it, and it works well.

    I'm giving Mail Lists a try right now. Didn't know it did sms too.
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    thanks again for the suggestions.
    it's morning now and I tried to send again and it worked. (sent it to all 5 on my first try.)

    I'm posting this in case someone has this issue in the future.

    it's probably not the phone but instead the carrier.

    be patient and try later or do what foosball said and call them..
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    Selecting multiple recipients for SMS is a great part of webOS. But if your finding yourself looking to send SMS messages to the same group of recipients frequently, that could become a tedious task.

    You can download a free webOS app called Txt Ready.

    Txt Ready lets you create Categories and groupings for multiple recipients all tied to a single button when you need to send an SMS message. It also lets you include your GPS location which will give your recipients a better idea on where you're at through Google Maps. If you have eMail address recipients, Txt Ready also covers support for that as well.

    Check it out and see if Txt Ready works for you.
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    Just downloaded Super Contacts. I had never heard of it & one of my problems was making groups. I love the apps that have a video demonstrating how the app works! Thanks, & glad I read this thread.

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