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    someone posted this in the comments section and I was thinking about the same exact thing. These developers are amazing they just keep adding new things to tweeks and patches at the rate they are going isn't it just better for palm to work with the developers work.

    Palm really ought to just make the investment and buy these patches from the developers to integrate into the system (other than the enabling patches for stuff already built into the OS). I know that Palm has people on staff to work these things up, and they're on the payroll already (i.e. doesn't cost anything extra), but Palm is still playing catch-up, and I get the feeling that said developers would be more than willing to work out a deal with Palm, if only just to get the patches out there as official functionality.

    It really could open the door for some interesting opportunities for the future too.
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    I think there is another reason for us not seeing the tweeks we want. Something tells me that Palm's developers could do all this in a short period of time if they wanted to. Thank God for the developers here at PreCentral.
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    that's understandable but if it can be done in a short time why not just do it.
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    Palm doesn't have to buy the patches. Most are released with MIT license for Palm to legally integrate for no money. Palm just needs to decide to do it.
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    that's understandable but if it can be done in a short time why not just do it.
    Many of these tweaks are things that Palm put in, and then commented out; meaning they definitely know about them.

    In some cases, Palm has not enabled them yet because, unlike the Homebrew developers (and I'm a big fan, btw), Palm is responsible to vett the changes to ensure they don't cause other problems.

    In other cases (developing themes and an app to work them), Palm has other priorities, and again, that stuff would need to be tested to ensure other problems aren't a result.

    Be patient, these things will come. These, and more.

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