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    This is all I really need to forget about iTunes syncing-- they now have playlist support:

    1. A store. yep, we built our own store where you can buy songs and albums sans DRM for placing on your phones and devices or simply listening to in the doubleTwist music player. It's powered by Amazon and gives you the freedom to choose where you get your Media from and what you do with it once you've got it.

    2. playlist support for Mac. You can now build and edit multiple playlists outside of iTunes in your doubleTwist library and sync them to your phones and devices. Nothing could be easier and more convenient for organizing your massive music collections.

    3. Search functionality. A powerful search engine allows you to instantly find your media in doubleTwist -- handy if like me you have over 18,000 songs on your HD!!

    Mac Feature build release is available now, 10.6.09 Choice Has Arrived - dT News & Announcements - doubleTwist Community
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    Good news; it for Windows, pls!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PookiePrancer View Post
    Good news; it for Windows, pls!
    who know why, but next week.

    anyone try the mac version? what do you think?
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