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    I will be the first to say I love my Pre, I have come from a long line of htc phones and would never think of going back..that said I was havin some problems with tweed tonight so I deleted it and then when I tried to reinstall I got the famous line...not enough memory...if I delete a program and reinstall the same one how is this possible? I then deleted yellow pages app,mlb sporting news,where app,open table app,and a few homebrew, after doing so I reset my phone...still getting the message? Is this a are we gonna buy the paid apps we can finally get if we have no room for them?..the worst part is that I still have 6 gigs of avail memory....I just don't get it....palm needs to fix this asap!
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    I hate to be that guy, but there is a search bar for a reason. There have been many many threads on this EXACT issue. Refer to them for your answers

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