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    I am out of contract on my tmobile account (live in ny, so the coverage and 3g speeds are good). My impulse buying trigger finger is pushing me to get the Pre. From what I understand Sprint coverage in NY is very good. I am currently using a mytouch 3g, good device, rock solid from a build quality perspective and stable OS. It is true it has its quirks, but overall not bad, except for the fact that the virtual keyboardis annoying. What is scaring me from getting a Pre is reading all the horror stories on its bugginess and build quality. So, what should I do? I know you really shouldnt leave a carrier for a phone, but the Pre is a very close exception to the rule. Is the device really that bad?
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    Sign up for new service with Sprint. You'll have 30 days to decide whether or not to stay. If you stay, port your number over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Sign up for new service with Sprint. You'll have 30 days to decide whether or not to stay. If you stay, port your number over.
    What he said. 30 days never killed anyone. I have actually noticed that when polls are taken about how many are on their 1st 2nd 3rd pre's the vast majority is still on their 1st. You will ALWAYS hear more complaining about build quality, software issues etc..... The people with bad experiences will always be more vocal. I am on my launch day Pre FYI.
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    Hey man I understand the hesitation after all of the horror stories here. Personally I have had my Pre since launch day and had ZERO problems with it. There is a SLIGHT oreo wobble but thats the biggest complaint I've got. Add to that Sprints new any mobile any time and I see no reason you shouldnt switch and get yourself a pre
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    The above posts took the words out of my mouth. You really wouldn't have much to loose by trying it for 30 days. I love Sprint and their pricing and have been with them for 8 years. I think you will be happy with Sprint and the Pre....of course that is just MY opinion....good luck.
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    I probably should have mentioned, I'm still on my original launch day Pre.
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    The folks who have trouble are always the most vocal. And. most of the QD issues have been worked out by now.

    The one question I would ask (which sounds like it doesn't apply to you), is if there's some feature that I absolutely can't live without, and then double check that Pre has it. The most vocal dissidents are those who have some specific expectation and have been disappointed. Overall, the Pre is the most advanced (which has a little bit of risk) and one of the coolest phones there is.
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    Hi mike3000,
    I don't know anything more about the mytouch 3g than having seen some TV ads and occasionally seen people using them, so I can't give you a device vs device comparison. I can tell you that I have my original launch-day Pre, which has not degraded in quality aside from some minor oreo'ing which happens after about 2 months but then does not get worse. (I think this will happen with just about every Pre, and it's just something to live with.) Since day one, I can see where the LED backlights are (5 LEDs across the bottom of the screen in portrait mode). In some of the initial build Pre's (like mine) each LED in this array did not have exactly matched brightness, and users translated this into what they called "screen discoloration" in the lower-right corner of the screen. Rather than exchanging my Pre, I wanted to see if this got worse or not. Once I realized that this unevenness was due to mismatched light output of LED backlighting, I no longer worried about it - and it too has not gotten worse over time. I'm willing to live with the quirk, but most others with this issue had their Pre's exchanged. I tend to be a bit rougher on my phone than the average person and mine has held up very well.

    Regarding the Pre vis the mytouch 3g, if I was making this decision, 1) I'd look at the features vs my anticipated needs, as well as the "hackability" of the device. I'd suspect that the Pre probably wins hands-down on hackability (especially if you understand Linux/Unix). If the mytouch 3g is an Android phone, then that's probably pretty hackable too, if not - clear advantage to the Pre on hackability. 2) The next area I'd compare is expected battery life for my particular usage pattern. I've been able to live with the stock Pre battery, but it's pretty limiting. If you can charge at home and work, that usually works for most, but if your away from your desk or at customer sites, etc. during the day, you'll need an extended battery. I might eventually break down and buy an extended battery, but other than that and a little oreo twist - the Pre hardware is rock solid. Early on, there were reports about some battery fit causing some Pre's to reset when opening and closing the sliders. I never had that issue. The people who did exchanged their batteries, and new devices do not seem to have this problem anymore (or at least those complaints have stopped here, so my assumption is that build quality issue has been fixed). The last issue I've heard a bit of is that some people's power button stops working. Those people have reported that they've exchanged their devices. There is still a clear majority of people who have never had to exchange their Pre. There will always be people who misdiagnose issues and demand exchange when there device actually does not have an issue. I'd venture to guess that the misdiagnosis rate might be 33-50% (with the number also getting better over time as store's/customers gain more experience).

    I remember reading these forums in the past before buying given devices and it's a lot harder to understand the reports without having lived with the phone. Knowing what I know now, I would still buy a Pre. My initial reaction to your post was if you are happy with your phone, why change? I guess if I were you, I'd change if I like the hackability of WebOS.
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