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    lately i noticed my pre no longer having the stuck in ear piece problem. this use to be a daily problem for me since i connect my pre through aux in my car stereo. and i would go on about fixing the problem by connecting and reconnecting anything through the headphone jack.

    now after 1.2 this problem has gone away from me, i dont do the trick of turning on the phone and then disconnecting the jack or any suck trick. i just simply unplug the jack on my way out of my car; i dont pay attention if the phone is on or off i just unplug it and im off.

    so anyone still experiencing this problem or has palm fix this lil issue with the update.
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    +1 i would also like to know this aswell, scared to plug in my headphones on the pre since the last time i did the headphone pic kept coming up on a call

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