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    Im having a problem where i log in..and i could only see myself on my buddylist. I get on AIM mail and i see my buddylist. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    It only shows online buddies on Pre, right?
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    I had this problem once. I'm not sure what the exact cause was, but setting myself to offline, waiting 10-15 minutes then setting myself online fixed it.
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    I was getting the same thing last week, so I looged in via the AIM web client on my home system, then logged out and back into my Pre and it had everyone. Same thing happened on with my meebo.

    However, since the OS update came out, I can't log into AIM at all. It just gives me an eternal "signing in" loop, but never does. I haven't changed anything, but my account name has an "" after my username, which isn't valid, so I am wondering if it got hosed in the release, or if AIM is messing with their web client, or both...
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    I have never gotten AIM to work. I starts loading my buddy list and then resets the phone. And then I get in an endless loop until I remove the account.

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