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    first time i had ever dropped it...i was on the phone with someone went to hangup...slipped outta my hand hit the concrete.i thought to myself..
    thank god it landed on its back and not on the screen........ or not.

    now it gets no signal always says searching for signal and is hot as FIRE.

    is there anything i can try to fix this before taking it to sprint or should i jus go ahead and pre-pare the funeral of my first pre.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Oh, ouch. Sorry for your loss.

    Have you tried a hard reset? (Remove battery, restart...)

    I doubt it will help, but it will give you some time to build the casket.
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    Sounds like you may have disconnected the antenna somehow. I wouldn't normally recommend that you go digging around in the phone, since it'll void your warranty, but you've already broken it and don't have much to lose. If you take the back cover off of the Pre, there's a thin black plastic film/layer over the area right below the battery.

    Lay the phone down on its screen. See the part between the TouchStone back contacts and the screw on the left side? that's where the antenna connectors are. If you peel back the plastic cover over that part, and/or the metal clip under it, you will be able to see the connectors. One is for GPS and one for the phone radio. Press down on them to make sure they're firmly attached.

    If that doesn't work (and honestly, I doubt they'll have come loose just from a fall), then I don't have any other ideas. Try a WebOS Doctor flash just in case before you go to the store.
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    thanks for the advice...... idk if its the connectors....and ive tried hard restarting it..etc.

    now the thing wont even turn just shows the low battery icon on the screen...wont turn on it hooked to my charger.....does nothing....jus sits there boiling hot. bout to try webOs doctor.

    for now its a BRICK.
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    webOs doctor is not working....

    we were unable to reset your phone. please go to palm support for help.

    its officially a brick

    i dont know what sprint will do about this....

    i had the issue with the thing turning of when i slid it shut and took it to my local sprint store within my 30 days and wanted a new phone....

    they said they "fixed" mine......all they did was put a piece of paper in with the battery. im gonna try to use that to my advantage but i think i might be SCREWED
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    We wish you LUCK!
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    took it in today..... sat there for like 30 or 40 minutes and then went to the service area and asked about it and they were still jus trying to charge it.....i was like look.....its some kindve hardware failure or something....its not gonna turn on....

    so he said he was gonna order me a replacement phone and it would be there friday afternoon.

    they didnt say if i would have to pay for it or anything though, which kinda makes me curious as to what im in for.
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    well i got my new pre friday....

    idk if they will charge me on my next bill extra for it or what..... but i will say this the build seems sturdier then my original first one felt fragile this one doesnt at all...

    the battery also seems to last longer then my original pre.....

    they took my old wouldnt turn on they couldnt fix it with webos doctor or anything....
    but i am kinda worried as i had a rather revealing video of my girlfriend on it that i had transferred over from my centro so i hope they cant get into that data lmao.

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