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    Not being able to get a refund on an application that does not do as 'promised' is a HUGE issue.

    I am MUCH less likely to buy an app without the ability to return it and get my money back.

    Don't care that Apple abuses their customers... it is simply poor customer service.

    It would be different if there were a way to determine if an application works or not... there simply is not. The reviews are basically worthless and the brief app descriptions are non-informative.

    Comparing an application purchased in an app store to an application purchased retail - not the same thing.

    It would be different if such crappy apps were not allowed in the store...

    I purchased an app for $3.99 and contacted the developer to ask for a refund. Sure I won't hear back.
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    I just looked at the description of Air Hockey and I did not see the bit where it promises sound effects.
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    Ya when I had my Iphone that was 4sure one nice thing about Apple. Whenever I hated a APP just send them a email and bam a refund the next day basically. Of course I kept the app still too : )
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    Everyone can talk hypotheticals all day, but the fact is, Air Hockey for
    the Pre was a misrepresentation and that's why the OP (and many
    others) are so unhappy with it. The piece of crap they released for the Pre
    as the very first paid app was leveraging the success of the Air Hockey game
    available for the iPod Touch and iPhone (made by the same developers),
    which most of the folks who rushed out to buy the Pre version, had
    already seen and played. They knew what it should have had. Two
    player mode making clever use of multi-touch, and loud sounds that are
    one of the reasons both real and virtual air-hockey games are so fun to play.

    What we got instead was a laggy version with no two player and no sound.
    They released it anyway because they knew people would buy it
    thinking they were getting the equivalent of the iPhone version.
    In my opinion, that's a deliberate misrepresentation.

    I hold out hope that some day they'll update it to use the PDK
    which can fix these issues, but they've probably suckered enough
    people into buying the Mojo SDK version to pay off their
    initial development effort, and could let it die. That's why being
    able to get a refund would be nice (not saying it's realistic), as it
    would send a real clear message that the original version is worth
    less than nothing.

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    I hope that refunds are implemented in the near future. The other day I was at my friends tattoo shop he downloaded an app that we were going to try with his network/security system and didn't work like we thought it would so he hit a button for a refund and it took it off his phone and returned the money. Without a refund system he would have been stuck with an app that served him no use, so such a feature is needed IMHO.
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