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    Hi Guys,

    My Pre was stolen Saturday night. I know it has a onboard GPS. Any way to pip-point a location?
    Additionally, the Insurance deduction for a Pre is $100, and they are not all to helpful. Automated services is about it.

    Any creative solutions would be helpful.

    Additionally, does anyone know what can be pulled off the phone if I DO have to get a new one?

    Please help

    Update. So - after readinga little about this, I learned that if you sign up for the family locator plan, and your phone is still ON (doesnt have to be being used) Sprint can pinpoint the phones location.

    I have my phone back, and I am keep the locator service just in case =)
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    You should go to the PALM website and initiate a remote wipe to safeguard your data. PALM backup should have saved most of your data (other than music/photos) not in Google etc.
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    did you have Where's my Pre installed and activated?
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    Your contacts and apps will be pulled into the phone from the backup. You will probably have to readd your email accounts and will need to add any pics and music you had on it.

    As for using the onboard GPS, there is a thread or two about setting up a "lowjack" or GPS finder for the phone but there is not an app for it nor can you just find the phone via the onboard GPS.

    With the insurance, call the number and talk with someone stating you need to make a claim. They will have you fill out some information and then you will fax that in and they will get back to you on it usually within a few hours with the approval. Will get sent out to you overnight.
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    How did you get it back???

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