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    Alright, just got my Pre on Saturday, and am happy with it (except for the whole battery chugging this phone likes to partake in)

    But at any rate a couple of quick ???'s

    1.)Where are all thesde "paid" apps? All I can find are the freebies. Are they in the App Store?

    2.) Can I change the quick menu at the bottom? Like swap my calendar for messaging?

    3.) Any other cool hacks that I should try out that make this phone better, but wouldnt know how to figure out myself since im a yellow belt to this whole smartphone thing?

    preciate it people!
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    Hi Nick, the paid apps are in the app store. Yes, you can switch out the icons on the bottom. Hold the icon until it lights up and move it where you want it. I too switched out my calendar for sms. I recommend you review the "Homebrew" forum. That's where the real fun begins. Welcome!

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    Thanks Karen,
    I just realized paid apps went out today. Hadnt checked yet this morning...

    And I cant get any homebrews right now, since I cant install new Java on my work PC, and my home one is down.

    Ill wait it out!
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    welcome nick i am new too got mine last wed. i read and have done this if you have wifi where you use your phone go into the call settings and turn off data i hardly use any battery power in standby. hope this helps

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